Wagner - Der Fliegende Holländer Monolog "Die Frist ist um"
October 2018

Gustav Mahler "Das Lied von der Erde" - Steven Scheschareg
Plainfield Symphony - Charles Prince, Dirigent

 - Der Einsame im Herbst

 - Von der Schönheit

Charles Prince, acclaimed conductor of the Plainfield Symphony Orchestra, opened the 96th Season on October 3, 2015 with the powerful and timeless symphonies of two legendary Austrian composers, Gustav Mahler and Franz Shubert, in a concert entitled “Songs from the Earth” with Austrian baritone Steven Scheschareg
Miecyzslaw Weinberg "Der Idiot" Szene 5

Nationaltheater Mannheim  - Uraufführung 9. Mai 2013
Thomas Sanderling, Dirigent
Regula Gerber, Regie

Uraufführung des Jahres 2013
Adriana Hölszky "Böse Geister"
Steven Scheschareg - Stawrogin
Nationaltheater Mannheim
Roland Klüttig, Dirigent
Joachim Schloemer, Regie
Uraufführung des Jahres 2014
The discovery of a dramatic aria from a beautiful opera "The Scarlet Letter" by Fredric Kroll (after Nathaniel Hawthorne). It was my pleasure to record Roger Chillingwoth's luxurious and lyrical Act I Aria with Paul Mauffray and the Brno Philharmonic. A wonderful aria with Verdi-like intensity.